K3vin Envoy scores big with his album Playground and reaches new heights with childlike whimsy and bangin’ beats. Besides the banging beat, this is a melodic hard hitting album. In fact, this album scores even bigger with the most hardcore clubber’s palate. While Playground includes a classic house style, the genres are mixed here display some great versatility as well.

K3vin Envoy soccer player

Life Is Play

As a kid, our little soccer player dreams and practices to be the next Clint Dempsey. For now, Dempsey’s record is safe.  Now, all those days on a soccer field is a pleasant childhood memory. But, have no fear, while leaving soccer behind, a prolific songwriter and producer of EDM music is born. So grab your headphones. It’s fair to say, this album proves that it must be true, he is a really strong producer, in addition to being a great DJ.

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In addition, ramp up you playlist with the songs and expect a lot of EDM fun.  For instance, “What Makes U Tik” is incredibly house-y and rich.  Another highlight, the vocals. Playground comes in the form of echo with vocals in “Tell Me the Truth”. There is a lot a variety not only with vocals, but song structure. For instance, there is a progressive dance, jazz fusion in “Swinging”. Overall, Playground is hard to put exclusively into one box. Keep this in mind, then listen to “Seeing You” and “Get Lifted.” Most agree, it is a good sign based on the ever changing landscape of dance music. In fact, there are also some hidden gems that never get dated.

K3vin Envoy